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Caffeine and Ltheanine

When I ask friends or family why they drink coffee, most admit it’s not because they enjoy it. The main reason for waking up and running to the kettle is that coffee makes them feel focused, productive, and alert. It’s also a tool they use every day that helps them get things done and keeps them on track.

ProFocus Countdown Begin's

The countdown is finally here!  13th November. ProFocus! 

Beta Alanine - What Is It

Training & Fitness

Our quick 1 minute guide to Beta-alanine.


Training & Fitness

Why is this relaxing agent in my preworkout? 

Caffeine - What You Need To Know

Training & Fitness

We often get asked if there are side effects and why its effects stop after continued use. Read on to find out the benefits, side effects and how to get the most out of caffeine.

What is whey protein and how will it benefit me?

Training & Fitness

What exactly is Whey protein? Why do i need it? How much should i take? 

All this and more answered right here.

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