About Pharma Fitness

As healthcare professionals and fitness enthusiasts we noticed a lack of support and education surrounding sports nutrition and as a result we established PharmaFitness.

Our team of specialists include a GP, a nutritionist and pharmacists.

  • All of our products are manufactured in the UK under strictly regulated conditions.
  • We operate from a GPhC registered pharmacy and a MHRA approved site.
  • Supplements made by PharmaFitness are made to high pharmaceutical grade.
  • Formulated by pharmacists, PharmaFitness brings you scientific supplements in simple formulations. 
  • Nothing fake, nothing made-up. Combining both, knowledge of health with real life experience. Just real supplements, for real results.

Sometimes, when you walk around the gym, it’s just a sorry state of affairs. There are wannabes everywhere: those attempting to coach others when they can’t get things right themselves; pretend ‘experts’ pouncing on the uninitiated; countless extra enhancements – powders, pills and drinks – with most people not having a clue how to use them correctly. 

It’s not just frustrating to watch, it’s upsetting. These people are losing out, in more ways than one. 

Something had to be done. Someone had to combine scientific expertise with a love of fitness, the precise measurements with the final goals, and the organisation with the method. 

That’s why Pharma Fitness was born. The expertise of pharmacists, fused with the dedication of fitness enthusiasts. One supports the other, so that together, the perfect mix of supplements can help those in need reach their goals in the simplest, most effective way possible. Nothing fake, nothing made-up. Just real supplements, for real results. 

That is Pharma Fitness. Expert help, trusted sources, passionate fitness people.