The Prep Files - 10 Weeks Out

The Prep Files - 10 Weeks Out

Our athlete Rory Golden is going to compete this year and we have decided to follow his journey. A diary from start to finish, 18 weeks out until stepping on stage.

Rory Golden - The Prep files 

Blog – 10 weeks out. 

Headed into this week after having my last cheat meal on Sunday evening. Always a disappointing thought knowing you won’t be able to enjoy another meal like this for 10 weeks, however like I said in the earlier blogs you need to eat for purpose and understand that this is not going to last forever so just get on with it and enjoy the process. One thing which I did learn from last year’s prep was re-feeds worked so well with me! I would always wake up the next morning lighter than the previous before the re-feed, looking much tighter and fuller.

The purpose of a re-feed is to replenish the depleted stores which you have caused over the weeks training and dieting. The type of re-feed and how big it is will depend on the person's carb intake and what type of carb sources reacts well to that individual. Tonight is my first re-feed, we are sticking to 100g oats added in with my last meal. Oats are one of my go-to carb sources on a daily basis and one for re-feeds. It will be interesting to see how the check-in pictures and weigh in goes tomorrow morning.

After the check in on Monday, my food got decreased for the second time all prep. I had a very minor drop a few weeks ago which was my post workout food decreased however glycofuse was added for my intra carbs so it evened it out. Not having my food dropped every week has helped me to maintained strength and energy in the gym during my sessions and has now given me so much food to manipulate with 10 weeks to go. With more regular food drops and an increase in cardio, my body should change very quickly in the last 10 weeks leading up to the show.

My coach dropped out 15g of oats, a total of 60g of rice over two meals and 100g of potatoes. I noticed my body changing within a couple of days due to this and my weigh in Sunday was an all-time low this prep at 80kg. This was a 1.4kg drop from last Sundays check in which was really pleasing to see as I’ve tried to push even harder this week when the drop came in to really start tightening up and shredding down. 

Overall this week has flown by again and it’s another week closer. Everything is running smoothly from diet, training, work and personal life. No complaints and enjoying stress free days.

The focus for this week coming is to keep pushing harder than the day before. Even more focus on posing this week as there is a couple of slight changes I’m looking to add in. I will also be going over my routine again from last year to make some changes to that.