Starting out in the gym

Starting out in the gym

Many articles in fitness magazines and on websites always show athletes at their peak. This will show them either in a middle of a photoshoot or with their sponsored companies.

We all see that and wonder what that type of life will be like. Truth is it was never handed to them, everyone walks into the gym for the first time. Depending on your vision and work rate over the years will depend where you will end up.

First thing first is baby steps, taking one step at a time.

You need to feel comfortable in your gym , the gym won't come to you so find somewhere you can escape to from the day to day stress we all deal with and lose yourself in your workout.

The gym is more than losing weight or building muscle. It can really help relieve built up stress, take your mind of problems or even be a social pleasure.

Here at PharmaFitness we try to be different within our supplement range and be one step ahead of the rest. This is the same in the gym with yourselves. Don't get caught up in settling for average and being the same as the people around you. We encourage you to set short, medium and long term goals. A vision is a powerful thing because with a vision comes a gravity pull, which will help kick start you to reaching them goals no matter how small or how big.

PharmaFitness top 5 rules for starting in the gym.

  1. Enjoy going to the gym
  2. Find your vision
  3. Work towards your goals without any excuses
  4. Always be willing to listen and learn and help others.
  5. Combine the above with a healthy diet and supplements to suit your goal.

Next blog by Rory Golden will be on 'changing your diet/supplements '