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Lee Robinson

Pack Reviews

Got on the Mass Gain Pack and couldn't believe how much of a difference it made to my workout levels !

Joe Fulton

General Reviews

Great products and fast delivery !

Joseph Clements

Supplement Reviews

PharmaFitness 80% protein.

24g protein, 2.5g carbs and 117kcals!! Clean, simple and tastes great.

Chris Mcarthur

Supplement Reviews

Trying out PharmaFitness 80% protein, the strawberry flavour is really good. It's not too sweet and not too bland even though it has low carbs. I will be buying this going forward as it fits great with my macros without tasting like rubbish, which is so hard to achieve. Great work guys.

Maria White

Supplement Reviews

Extreme Pump Pre Workout.

These handy ready to drink bottles are ace and really handy to keep in your bag. With only 38 kcals per bottle and only 200mg of caffeine, you can expect a massive pump and energy without that crash afterwards. They taste amazing too!

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