ProFocus Sample

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ProFocus Sample - 2 scoops

ProFocus has been designed to give you huge pumps, improve focus, mood and concentration. 

Benefits of ProFocus: 

  • Pump and Nootropic formula
  • Patented ingredients
  • No jitters or crash


Serving Size: 2 Scoops
Brand: Pharma Fitness
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Additional Information

Release date 13th November. 

ProFocus was designed with two things in mind, to give you razor sharp focus and huge pumps. This preworkout is sure to give you a real boost in terms of not just your athletic performance, but also your ability to crush whatever life throws at you!

ProFocus contains a huge dose of L-citrulline, a full dose of creatine monohydrate, patented ingredient GlycerSize along with others to ensure that you get an awesome pump when in the gym. On top of this, we then added nootropics such as Alpha-GPC, L-Theanine and a moderate dose of caffeine enabling you to enter the gym feeling sharp and focused on the workout ahead. 

To top it all off we then added the patented ingredient AstraGin which increases absorption rates of:

  • Citrulline by upto 45%
  • Beta-Alanine by upto 25%
  • Creatine by upto 33%
  • Among much more.

Big pumps, huge focus and no crash. This is not to be missed.

This is a 2 scoop sample of Bubblegum ProFocus